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The Symbolism of Pahinta Tänään Video
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Posted 23 March 2011 - 20:57

What do you think about the meaning of this video?

Well, this video is their darkest video, darker than Precious Dark video. It can be called a Gothic video also. I try to give my own interpretation of what is going on here. It is not complete, because there are many episodes the meaning of which is not clear to me.

At the beginning we saw a man with the child – both of them wear masks. It can mean that grown-ups are trying to teach their children to be insincere, to wear masks in society (they are going to some group of people, who all wear masks – it can represent “grown-up world”). In these group only Indica girls are without masks – it can mean that they are sincere or that music can ruin the charms of insincerity and hypocrisy and take off people’s masks. At first people stand still (they may be petrified), but then they begin to move according to the music, music frees them from the spell. Besides, that man – the father the child – takes off his mask, may be because he was shocked seeing these petrified masked figures and does not what to wear the mask any more, being afraid of becoming petrified himself.

Rather mysterious episode when a masked figure stand over some kind of coffin and moves her hand over it. It seemed to me like a rite of resurrection. After that a stream of blood is seen on one of the faces with the mask – it can mean that insincerity kills. Another girl (without a mask) spits with blood – tries to get rid of something bad in her or what?

There is also an episode when the blood flows back to that girl’s mouth – does it mean she is saved?
Heini is holding a mirror in the form of a sunflower. To my mind this is a magic mirror which shows true faces behind the masks and it is in the form of a sunflower, because sun means light which is opposite to this world of darkness, where all these things happen. One more association in my mind – Gorgon Medousa myth. It also seems to me that Heini tries to help Jonsu who is in some kind of pit (captured?). Just after this some man without a mask is flying backwards from Jonsu’s pit. Heini saved Jonsu from that man? And why is he without a mask? He is a rather mysterious figure and does not seem good to me. Some kind of evil without a mask – this is what he represents, to my mind.

Laura plays chess with somebody – that somebody is invisible. Somehow it seems to me, that she is playing chess with the devil, her soul being a parlay in the game. One more thing – that man without a mask flies out of Jonsu’s pit just after Laura moves the knight on the chessboard.
In the end those figures going backwards – is it a good end or bad? They are still masked, so it doen not seem good to me.

There is a sort of making up Pahinta Tänään video in Finnish: ... wlotGK4dvg

(I failed to find it, so I downloaded it on youtube)

Here is the translation of it by Niko:

Text: Indica was founded in 2002.

Host: Whew. It’s all I can say and laugh because Tortsu and I are in Espoo’s forest on a Saturday evening at nine o’clock. We intend to go to that direction. We just got instructions to the mobile phone and we should find Indica and their video shooting team there. We try to find out why Indica shoots their video at night in a forest. Let’s go.

Host: Well, we found Indica’s Heini and Jonsu from the forest. We have followed the shootings for a while, but we want more information. Why are we on a Saturday night in Espoo’s forest?
Jonsu: Oh, I have to say that I’ve no idea. The band doesn’t even know yet what we are supposed to do in the video.

Heini: We didn’t have anything else to do on this Saturday, so we wanted to check out what is it like in a forest of Espoo and Kauniainen.

Jonsu: And we intend to have a sober Saturday. But unfortunately the crew will probably take a few drinks soon, so the band members must probably be the drivers tonight. Otherwise no one can get away from this forest.

Text: The Pahinta tänään music video was directed by Jesse Hietanen.

Jesse: I have a small request for everyone. Please try to stay on this side in order to avoid accidents, because we have a lot of power cables there. So you’re not allowed to pass this border.

Host: This night will be long for you. It’s about ten o’clock now and the shootings will probably still take several hours.

Heini: We heard that we’re going to quit the shootings when the Sun rises. So this will take a few hours.

Jonsu: Wouldn’t it be awful to read a news tomorrow morning that someone had been frozen to death here? We wouldn’t have any friends after that.

Tortsu (the cameraman): “Frozen cameraman found in Espoo’s forest.”

Jonsu: We would get prosecuted for a homicide…

Heini: In addition to all this work.

Jonsu: …and exposure.

Heini: In that case this music video would be quite tragic.

Host: Then the music video would be remembered from something else than its fineness. It would have a great background story.

Text: Indica supported Nightwish on their Scandinavian tour in 2008.

Host: How are these masks related to the video?

Heini: We thought to include some Eyes Wide Shot theme here.

Jonsu: In fact, it was the marketing phrase the director used in order to sell the idea for us.

Heini: Yes it was indeed.

Jonsu: And I think we said: “It’s a very good idea, but the band won’t be naked under the robes. But the other can be if they want to.” But I think they are wearing quite a lot of clothes.

Heini: Yes they are, but who knows what’s going to happen this night.

Host: So when the Sun rises, who knows what kind of things you can find here.

Jonsu & Heini: Yeah.

Text: Valoissa is Indica'’s fourth album.

Jonsu: Our feelings about the album?

Heini: We had a great crew making the album. They all were fully committed. We allowed Tuomas to keep two laundry days, but otherwise everyone promised to dedicate fully to the album until it’s ready.

Jonsu: I told Janne - our A&R - that I have to record vocals in that particular studio, because the atmosphere is the most important while singing. Without a good atmosphere your soul wouldn’t be fully in it. But bass and guitar can be recorded in Kerava.

Heini: Yeah.

Host: Isn’t the atmosphere as important with those instruments?

Heini: Apparently not. Damn it.

Jonsu: But we’ve always been there entertaining them and watching them behind the door.

Heini: Just like we entertained you. At Petrax we watched horror movies. So we had a great atmosphere there.

Jonsu: Yeah.

Heini: There, in a dark forest in the middle of nowhere.

Host: Did you also watch Eyes Wide Shot there at night?

Heini: No we didn’t. Let’s watch it when it’s time to record the vocals.

Jonsu: During the vocal recordings we have decided to watch at least Village and…

Heini: We also decided to watch the Orphanage.

Jonsu: Yeah, the Orphanage.

Host: Oh dear.

Text: The band was born in Northern Helsinki’s band school. Also Tiktak, Rasmus and Haloo Helsinki’s singer Elli have come from the same school.

Host: Let’s talk about the producer whose identity has been a big secret, but your record label revealed it to me. So Tuomas Holopainen from Nightwish has apparently produced your whole album.

Heini & Jonsu: Yeah.

Host: How on earth did Tuomas want to… I mean did you ask him to…

Jonsu: How on earth did he want to do it?

Heini: What a polite question!

Host: I meant that he hasn’t produced many albums for other people. That’s why I asked this.

Jonsu: Well, the idea was born during our Scandinavian tour where we supported Nightwish. We talked then and realized that our band and Tuomas had very similar visions. And we thought that our co-operation could work well.

Text: Earlier Tuomas Holopainen has produced only Nightwish and Silentium albums.

Host: The crew is walking towards us. Espoo’s night is getting even darker. We let you continue the shootings. Or actually you’ll begin the shootings with the band. Thank you very much for this interview and for letting us to follow your shootings. I wish the Sun doesn’t rise until you’ve managed to shoot everything you need.

Heini: Let’s hope for the best.

Jonsu: Now you guys could take a mask and a robe and join in.

Host: Who knows, who knows.

Jonsu: So watch the video closely.

Heini: Watch it closely.

Host: We managed to get out of the forest where Indica was shooting the video, but I got so interested about the Tuomas Holopainen case that I had to try to find him. Tuomas is in Hollola at Petrax studio, so the cameraman and I are driving to Hollola in order to find out why Tuomas decided to produce the album and what he thinks about all this.

Text: Holopainen has also composed the theme song for the Lieksa! movie, While Your Lips Are Still Red.

When you’ve listened to Indica’s earlier albums as a fan, have you noticed something that you would have done differently as a producer? And did you want to implement some of those things on this album?

Of course. Everyone has their own opinions and everyone does things in their own way. I joined in this project because I felt that I might have something to give to the band. I mean that I’m not going to ruin their very unique soul landscape, but I try to bring something that in my opinion has been missing on their earlier albums. I don’t know if this will be a good or a bad thing, but I try to add my ideas to it.


Please, present your own views on what is going on in this video or say whether you agree with my interpretations.

Posted 23 March 2011 - 22:55

I never went so far with interpreting it because I only saw it as a homage to the movie Eyes Wide Shut. And not understanding the language makes it quite hard, too. But maybe when I find the time I'll have another close look at it.


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